The Macabre Squad
Our group formed in May of 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas. We created this group to seek out the truth. You can never trust what you see on TV or the internet. The only way to truly know the truth is to see it for yourself. That is why we are here. We go into every investigation with an open mind. If we can help someone find a natural explaination to activity they are experiencing, we are happy to do so. If we can document paranormal activity, that's even better! We are very strict with our review process. Unless the evidence is absolutely amazing, orbs and ectoplasmic pictures/video will hardly ever be considered. This is because so many environmental factors can contribute to these types of captures that it doesn't really give proof positive evidence of the paranormal. We want to present our clients with evidence that has substance.

We are a nonprofit organization and are currently taking cases.If you are experiencing paranormal activity, please click on our "contact" page and email us with your information. One of our investigators will contact you as soon as possible.

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