The March 2009 Colorado Cattle Mutilations begin

The March 2009 Colorado Cattle Mutilations begin
April 11, 2009
Alejandro Rojas

CATMUT is my personal designation for a cattle mutilation, because I think it sounds cool.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I got a phone call from my good friend and MUFON investigator, Chuck Zukowski. He had seen a KOAA television news report about a heifer that had been mutilated outside of Trinidad, and the local authorities were at a loss to explain how the animal was killed. Chuck is a reserve police officer in Colorado Springs, and was able to get in contact with the Las Animas County Sheriff’s department. The deputy in charge of the case gave him the following information regarding what they had found.

* Estimated age of cow, 28 years.
* Oldest cow in herd had new calf roughly 3 months old.
* Cow appeared to be lying on its left side, partially in stream near bank est. 8 to 12 inches deep.
* Reproduction organ removed with anal area still intact.
* Udder removed.
* Wounds appeared to be circular in fashion with noticeable cauterizing on edges of wound, no noticeable blood.
* No noticeable blood pooling except around animal lying in water, possibly due to saturation.
* Closest cow foot prints to deceased animal estimated 4 feet away towards the East.
* No noticeable vehicle tire prints of any model or size, no indication a vehicle was nearby.
* Cow appeared slightly bloated.
* Tongue and eyes were still present.
* Flies were present but the laying of their eggs “larva” was not present.
* FAA was called asking if any unusual radar contacts were noticed. None reported.
* Local Military was contacted asking if military aircraft were flown during the weekend of March 8th. Military spokesperson stated none were flown until Monday March 9th which was routine.
* Deputy stated case was logged as unusual and open.
* Deputy requested MUFON Investigation tracking number and outcome of any lab analysis for case report.

The deputy also agreed to give the rancher Chuck’s cell phone number and ask the rancher to give Chuck a call if it was OK for us to go take a look at the animal and take some samples.

Preparatory Research

I knew friends who had investigated cattle mutilations, and have seen the research of investigators such as Linda Moulton-Howe, David Perkins, and Chris O’Brien. Richard Dolan, (who can be seen here in an interview I did with him last year) also did a great investigation on the Sci-Fi Investigates television show on the Sci-Fi channel. As we reviewed in my previous article, the whole Cattle Mutilation mystery started here in southwestern Colorado. So I was excited to be able to take a look at this animal, and see for myself if there was something to this phenomenon.

Looking for brown blood

I immediately called Nancy Talbott of BLT research to get her take. In my opinion she is one of the best when it comes to collecting evidence for scientific analysis. I have worked with her in the past. I will profile Nancy and her work in a future article. She gave me an interesting tip, and that was to look for brown flakes on the animal. This has been found on these animals before, and has turned out to be dried bovine hemoglobin. This is a blood plasma, so it is the cow’s blood, but it has been separated in a way that can only be done in a lab. Linda Mouton-Howe also covered this in a story she did on this same case. We worked with her and Chuck provided her information on his findings.

We had brought Nancy to Metro State College to speak before, so I had heard of the hemoglobin findings. But, wow! How weird, blood plasma at a cattle mutilation site? I was definitely going to look hard for some of that. Nancy has taken these findings and put two and two together with other findings to come up with some speculation as to why we might be finding this substance at these sites, but that is another story (coming soon to a Paranormal Science Examiner near you).

Setting a time to go investigate

The rancher, Mike Duran, contacted Chuck and had heard of MUFON. He was more than happy for us to come take a look. He was at a loss, and welcomed others to come take a shot at identifying what might have killed the animal.

Since Chuck and I have day jobs, we decided that the soonest we could get out was the following Saturday, March 14th. It was unfortunate to have to wait that long, but Chuck is an hour and half from Denver, and the site was another two and a half hours from Chuck.

We got to work assembling equipment and our team. My first pick is always my cousin, Jason Cordova. You will find that he will be along in my upcoming investigations as well. Jason is a student at Metro State College of Denver, and founded a paranormal club there called the Crypto Science Society. He did 8 years in the Navy and is very grounded and scientific. He does great work, and with only a slight trepidation will accompany me into paranormal investigations that would scare off many others.

I also called my friend, and MUFON investigator, Stace Tussel.

With our team assembled, we were ready to rock.
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