The UFO Phenomenon & The "M" Factor

The UFO Phenomenon & The "M" Factor
September 28, 2009
by Frank Warren
American Chrnoicle

he MSM, (mainstream media), i.e., "The ´M´ Factor," if nothing else—is certainly consistent and predictable in regards to its treatment of the UFO subject.

Most of our readers are undoubtedly aware of the segment done on the Today Show on Monday (Labor Day), entitled, Secrets of The Future Today: Watching The Skies for UFO as well as ABC´s PrimeTime - The Outsiders, concerning the abduction phenomenon with focus on Stan Romanek; the latter aired a few weeks back and was dreadful.

Today´s attention however, is on the "Secrets," segment (seen here); not surprising, and what has become status quo for the MSM is the associating of the noun believer, or the verb believe when discussing the subject matter, insinuating that the topic is "faith-based" or is of a cultus of some sort. This all to common "painting" of Ufology by innuendo has become the norm for the MSM.

As the host introduces the show by stating, " . . . now a lot of people may laugh off the idea, but there are some of "true believers" [my emphasis] out there who say we are not alone." The piece then begins as the viewer is treated to a collage of sci-fi flicks, e.g., "Mars Attacks," "Independence Day" and "Close Encounters," etc., while an old Byrds´ tune entitled, Hey Mr. Spaceman, is playing in the background! (ad nauseam).

The first interview is done with Father Jose Gabriel Funes of the Vatican, and in my view the better part of the piece lies on the cutting room floor. To be clear the notion that the Vatican does not discount the reality of the UFO phenomenon as well as "other" life in the universe is a salient point; however, the part of the interview that was aired, is the piece where the good father is talking (in reference to space visitors) about ET being our "brothers or sisters," and the impression it left me was reminiscent of the "Spaceman song" played a few seconds earlier.

The show then segues into the next interview (sound effects included) with Nick Pope, done by reporter Keith Miller—this being the highlight of the production: Nick cites events reported by both military and civilian pilots, and Miller underscores the shoot down orders and pursuit of a UFO, recently confirmed by the pilot "Milton Torres."Mars Attacks Alien Now I know what your thinking . . . "this sounds great . . . this is important stuff!" I totally agree with the sentiment; however, Miller then asks Pope, "is there a threat out there?" While Pope is responding, admitting that it´s possible, the scene fades to the "Mars Attacks" clip where the bug-eyed Martian is firing his ray-gun, then a building is shown exploding as seen in Independence Day.

What would have been a most sober, salient point was negated by the "visual antics" that the producers chose to meld with the interview!

Miller then narrates a piece with former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who declares that Roswell indeed took place and he confirmed it with his contacts at the Pentagon. Fortunately, the producers and Miller omitted any cartoons and or sci-fi clips; in this instance, right after Mitchell´s statements, they aired an opposing view (in general regarding Ufology) from an individual who claims he was hypnotized and induced to see a UFO—something that was not there! The implication being that UFOs are a figment of one´s imagination.

The segment ends with a shot of Miller interviewing Jill Tarter (SETI) walking through the telescope dishes at the Paul Allen Array at Hatfield, California. Although there weren´t any silly clips associated with this piece, Miller was quick to point out that there hasn´t been any success with SETI efforts. The sign off was done with a night shot of Miller gazing to the heavens stating that we "better keep watching the skies," while the theme from Close Encounters plays in the background; as he leaves the shot a bright light (UFO) passes overhead and Miller steps back into the frame looking to and fro . . . one final attempt of the producers' wit no doubt!

I was asked most recently if "any media attention" (the notion being that "something" is better then nothing) given to Ufology is "a good thing"—my immediate and heartfelt response was "NO!"

This conflation of serious, sober UFO minutiae, along with sci-fi, light hearted silliness only tends to dumb down the public in my view. It´s misinformation in the mildest form, and "disinformation" at worst. It´s what I call the "M" factor!
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