Top 5 Paranormal Hotties

Top 5 Paranormal Hotties
May 24, 2011
Paranormal Utopia

Whether it’s on TV or just in general paranormal pop culture, there are a handful of names that get a lot of attention. These boys and girls take away from the nerd stereotype of the paranormal field and get the most Twitter followers. So who are all the eyes on right now? Keep in mind, this is in no particular order.

Jason Martell – The baby faced alien investigator is more than just a cutie, he’s been seen on television, heard on radio and on the internet and spends the majority of his time lecturing and preaching about everything ancient Sumeria. Zecharia Sitchin was where it was at but why read an old man’s book when you can learn all about it from a follower and expert of the ancient astronaut theory who is slick, dressed well and posts pictures of all his flashy cars on Facebook. After all, what eligible bachelorette wouldn’t want to ride to the local MUFON meeting in one of ‘his cars’. I really don’t know if they’re his or not, but nonetheless, it’s enough to get him attention and I’m sure it doesn’t bother him at all.

Anna Nekaris – In spite of her somewhat petite stature, most Bigfoot hunters would probably opt for a weekend out in the woods with this primate researcher. Having studied primates since 1994, Anna became the wet dream of Bigfoot lovers and skeptics around the world when she showed up on the History Channel’s two hour special entitled “Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide”. The special left cryptozoology buffs around the world wanting more, and not just of Anna, but it has definitely launched her into the spotlight of the very few hot ladies in the paranormal field, and good for her! She’s intelligent, well traveled and has no fear of entertaining the idea of a possible undiscovered species of primate. You can bet her lecture ticket sales are higher than ever before.

Zak Bagans – Evolution in progress! Zak started season one of Ghost Adventures looking like your average ghost geek. A bit of a “Howdy Doody” hairdo, some rather nondescript clothing and a couple of buddies with cameras following him around a few haunted locations. As the seasons moved on and they got more sponsors, one of them obviously being a steroid company, Zak buffed up and beefed out. I can’t help but wonder how long it would take him to slide off the charts if he wasn’t allowed to go to the gym for awhile though. No matter, for all the ghost loving girls out there, Zak is the man and that’s all that matters for him right now, I’m sure.

Jael De Pardo – It wasn’t until the SyFy Channel started airing Paranormal: Fact or Faked that anyone that was a fan of the paranormal knew about Jael and it’s not surprising. By trade, she’s a journalist who did investigative reporting in many Central and South American countries, but once the show started casting, how could they pass her up? She is an open minded cutie patootie that knows her way around and isn’t camera shy. She’s covered and investigated all sorts of stories on the show which makes her attractive to almost all paranormal geeks from ufologists to cryptozoologists and all the ghost hunters of the male persuasion, as well as some lesbians I’m sure. She’s definitely a welcome face in the game now and I doubt she’ll be going anywhere any time soon.

Giorgio Tsoukalos – Definitely not last on the list is Giorgio. The publisher of Legendary Times magazine and the man behind the hair on the History Channel’s popular show, Ancient Aliens, Giorgio is quite a hit with the ladies. As a matter of fact, it’s hard for me to spend any time with a UFO girl-geek right now and NOT have to listen to all the dirty things they would like to do to him and vice versa. It’s even become somewhat of a joke at this point with a lot of ladies resorting to calling him ‘Tsoukalicious’. So what is it about him that is charming the pants off of women everywhere? There’s something to be said for smart geeks and he’s definitely that. I’m sure the money and television fame doesn’t hurt either, but as someone that had the chance to meet him in person, he smells great too!
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