Truth is Oat There

Truth is Oat There
August 21, 2010
The Sun

THIS dazzling pattern of 193 rings is the most intricate crop circle of the summer - in a bumper year for them.

Fifty-five of the weird designs have been stamped out in Britain's cereal fields in 2010, more than half the world's total.

And that has got paranormal investigators fired up about what - or who - is responsible.

The 300ft-wide network of circles appeared in Mere, Wilts, and is said to represent the passage of the sun and moon.

Other mysterious patterns include 3D-effect crosses, a star and "dartboard" - all in Wilts.

The region has been Britain's crop circle capital since they were first spotted in the 80s.

Back then the nation speculated the crops were crushed by landing UFOs - until two Brits claimed they crafted them with a plank and rope.

But some experts still insist one in five circles ARE the result of paranormal activity.

US-based researcher Colin Andrews studied the UK's circles. He said: "In 20 per cent of cases we could find no evidence of human involvement.

"I don't think they are made by landing craft. I think they result from some kind of interaction between the minds of humans and a paranormal force."

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