UFO DISCLOSURE 2010: Speaking For The People

UFO DISCLOSURE 2010: Speaking For The People
May 10, 2010
By Kelly Jad'on
Basil & Spice

As I speak with Ufologists and contactees around the country, one key fact returns in every conversation—contact is occurring between something (UFOs/ETs) and human beings. One notable ufologist stated that between 2 and 3 million Americans have been affected by this circumstance—many negatively. And, the contact is rising.

Several ufologists believe that because of this situation, whether we’re dealing with extraterrestrials, demonic presences, or ourselves from the future—human beings have the right to know what is going on. It is a widely held belief that governments around the world withhold information because:

They wish to hold tightly to their own intelligence
Have concern about the sharing of technology with enemies
They have considered the public’s awareness of our government shooting down UFOs
Have a fear of creating a state of paranoia within the general population
Have a legitimate concern of danger regarding extraterrestrial behavior toward humans
As Director of the Disclosure Project, Steven Greer MD is a leader and advocate of the emancipation of knowledge for the people regarding government concealment of UFO and extraterrestrial information. He believes that six decades of secrecy on the subject has been too long.

Greer has written a briefing about UFO Disclosure to President Obama, asking him to break the secretive silence and be completely transparent on the matter. He cites in the briefing, support for disclosure from the Vatican, Canadian and European leaders, and Asia—specifically China. Greer believes that if we do not move forward first, we may be left behind by the Europeans and Asians. In addition, he states that approximately 2/3rds of the Central Intelligence Agency would agree with this decision.

The question is how. Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist and UFO researcher has provided written testimony to Congressional Hearings regarding ufology, what he terms a “Cosmic Watergate,” and considers it to be the most classified U.S. topic. He writes in his book Flying Saucers And Science that if the information regarding UFOs was released,

“Church attendance would increase.
Mental hospital admissions would increase.
The stock market would go down; uncertainty is always the enemy.”
Edgar Mitchell, ScD, Captain USN (ret.) Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 14 and the Sixth man on the moon has written in a forward to Friedman’s Flying Saucers and Science “Irrespective of how one views the pros and cons of 60 years of official denial of alien presence on and around our planet, the truth has slowly seeped out into public awareness and acceptance, due in part to many of the inane stories and contradictions offered by official sources.” p.12

Whether the U.S. Government likes it or not, Americans know. Important conferences on the subject are planned and followed through each year. Just this past weekend, at the National Press Club in Washington DC, Stephen Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group hosted such an event, complete with live streaming capability to viewers on the Internet.

In addition, Americans know about aliens and UFOs firsthand from their own experiences. We’re now waiting upon our public officials, who may indeed still be afraid of being associated with ‘kooks’ ---(similar to Controlled Remote Viewing “Psi Spy” Funding in the 1970s.)

If they could begin, where would they start?

Steven Greer has an interesting plan. Here are a couple of his thoughts:

“Appoint a Special Presidential Task Force to investigate this matter, identify covert facilities and assets ... and reassert Executive control over these projects: Identify and immediately stand-down operations that are covertly targeting Extraterrestrial Vehicles, weaponizing space and engaging in rogue disinformation projects.” It is believed that at least seven fighters have been shot down by alien spacecraft after deliberately targeting the UFOs first.

“Form The Council on Interplanetary Relations to coordinate a peaceful, forward looking and non-militarized response to the extraterrestrial presence.” Greer recommends The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (see www.CSETI.org) –his own organization.

Jim Moroney, alien abductee and the author of The Extraterrestrial Answer Book, is also the Director of the Alberta UFO Study Group. In a Basil & Spice interview, Moroney stated that “Abductions are occurring at a rate that will be unrelated to disclosure. The reports of abductions or direct encounters may increase if disclosure occurs and if a system is set up to track encounter experiences. I support the idea of UFO disclosure, and there’s a good reason for that. In my line of work, we regularly debate issues surrounding public panic as it relates to a host of issues such as pandemics, emergency planning, and bioterrorism. Good science tells us that public panic is rare and most rare when people are provided with accurate trustworthy information. The need for secrecy to avoid panic is not supported by any scientific research. It is important to tell the public what we know, what we think we know and what we don’t know. We should also provide information about what individuals can do.”

The bottom line is this: Americans already know a great deal. They wish to know more. A plan must be put in place to do so. From everything I've read, and considering the people I have interviewed, it is imperative that the party who will communicate with any extraterrestrial presence, must have strong telepathic capabilities. This group of individuals must also possess an extremely high level of integrity, individual self-confidence, knowledge of what our government already knows, and feel comfortable representing humanity as a whole. Perhaps they must even be willing to risk their lives.

Who will speak for the people?

Kelly Jad'on is the founder of www.BasilAndSpice.com, a daily content provider to news sites and libraries around the web and in print. Begun in 2006, using a SquareSpace blogging platform, Basil & Spice has become a dynamic blogsite hosting over 400 contributors.
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