UFO stories that will blow your tiny ape brain away

UFO stories that will blow your tiny ape brain away
February 24, 2011
1233 ABC Newcastle

Martin Plowman has travelled the world for his Phd studying the phenomenon of UFO's at various hot spots around the world, from Australia to Peru.

He has returned agnostic to the belief in "flying saucers" but now believes that Ufology it is a field worthy of study as there is something going on, and has been for a very, very long time.

"If people around the world are seeing something that really isn't there it still is not beneath science to study", Martin said from the bedside of his partner who gave birth to their son only last night. So you can tell he's committed to discussing this issue.

Martin also believes the role of Shamen in some ancient cultures has helped those cultures come to terms with unidentified flying objects. "Shaman can help a culture bring these happenings into their everyday lives and help them get over the whole issue".

The best places he visited for perhaps observing difficult to explain phenomena are the Northern Territory in Australia and Roswell in New Mexico. "It might be cliche, but it is a truely strange place".

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