UFOs, Aliens and the Paranormal- A Trip into Confusion and The Dark Ages

UFOs, Aliens and the Paranormal- A Trip into Confusion and The Dark Ages
April 11, 2009
by Chris Holly
UFO Digest

I have been surfing the Internet reading different sites, visiting different chat rooms and looking at assorted blogs. It is interesting to read all the different views, reports and information that can be found on the Internet concerning the paranormal.

As I wandered around all the assorted paranormal areas on the Internet I could not help notice the overall confusion and muddy mess that seems to penetrate so many subjects categorized as paranormal.

I find people that claim they have had an alien encounter twist it into an angel, spiritual, or ghost event. Some end up being wrapped with shadow people as well as UFOs being vehicles of demons and on and on. I think we have lost our central focus on these subjects and have let it become a huge messy bowl of confusion.

This lack of focus and loss of control of what subject consists of what subject matter has only increased the ability of those with skeptical views or those who ridicule and laugh at all things paranormal more power. This leaves those who seriously try to investigate these subjects alone and fighting a tidal wave against truth or fact. In short we have become our own worst enemies and keep ourselves locked in the Dark Ages concerning everything considered paranormal.

I find this problem goes hand in hand with a bigger problem of the paranormal being that of fantasy being thrown into and forced onto the stage with the people who have had real sightings, encounters and experiences.

This is a huge problem as those who use this subject matter for needs of attention or self-agenda’s are choking the path of knowledge and progress on all the unknown subjects. This selfish use of the paranormal has caused years of roadblocks for those who are determined to find and learn the truth.

I know there are many people out there who have had incredible experiences who could give us all increased knowledge and information on UFOs Aliens Abductions and all subjects connected with the paranormal. These people hold back due to the souring of the subject by those who destroy the credibility of it with their selfish agendas of fantasy and fiction used for attention or personal gain.

It is obvious we do not need the government to hide the truth of these matters from us as we destroy all credible gain by the constant corrosion of those who fill the area of the paranormal with enough nonsense to keep those who could bring the information we seek silent and hidden.

Who wants to come forward to tell of an encounter with an Alien when you have people making claims for attention that keep the media and public laughing and amused. If you are someone who had an actual life changing event happen to you it is very likely you will distance your self and your family from the circus like atmosphere that has surrounded this subject for far too long.

We have placed our selves in a very dangerous situation by allowing these subjects to become over run with fakes and attention seeking people while losing the foot hold on the truth by way of the cloud of fantasy these wrong doers have placed over these subjects.

Trying to find reliable information, actual events and understanding what is really going on out there has become a task most simply give up on due to all the trash and false data thrown at us on at a constant rate.

Once we thought the government was sending out people to muddy the waters so those who truly were enduring incredible encounters would stay silent. I think we took the ball away from the government and willingly ran with it using these subjects to our own self-fish needs. Those seeking attention, friendship, fame, money or a new career all jumped on this bandwagon and drove our chance of discovery and advancement in understanding all these unknown areas - directly into the ground.

We did this to our selves and we need to own it and stop blaming the government. We feel more comfortable living in the dark with the paranormal and we keep our selves blind and happy. It is the old saying ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ way of thinking. However in this case it isn’t true. Knowing what to do if you come face to face with an encounter of the unknown may mean the difference of life of death. Still we laugh and laugh.

Not only did we set it up so the media and society in large laugh at these subjects, we allowed our governments to simply walk away while we walked our selves into the Dark and seem to insist on staying here. I wonder what the aliens think of our silly civilization. Sort of fits the expression you can drag a horse to water but cannot force it to drink. They can fly right over our heads and take us at will – yet we just refuse to look up or deal with it!

On top of all of this comes the added misery of combining everything unknown into one huge bowl of messy stew.

I was listening to a man in a chat room that I think did have a real encounter with beings that were not human who took him and abused him in a lost time event. After years of talking to people you develop a skill and sense to who has had real experiences and who have not. For many reasons I thought the man who was trying to talk about his encounter was telling the truth. I wanted to hear him speak but as commonly found in chat rooms the others in the room just would not have it. Those attention seeking parasites that use this area to fulfill their private needs just kept interrupting the man, and one upping him as he tried to tell of his ordeal. He soon gave up and left the chat room while the bag of wind who insisted on telling her fake little story made sure no one else was going to report something better than her ridiculous tale. I was heart broken that he had to be subjected to even more abuse by a place he thought he may find a understanding ear. This behavior is common in our devastated area of the paranormal.

I noticed in this paranormal chat room, as in many others like it , were discussing aliens as angels and shadow people as aliens and dreams or physic events as aliens. I have listened to this for years and must say find it extremely confusing.

I think that Aliens are beings that do not come from this planet but come from another planet in our universe. I think shadow people may be dimensional beings slipping back and forth between dimensions but do not link them to UFO's although I may be wrong. I just do not immediately lump them with Aliens. I think spiritual beings are not Aliens and most likely are spiritual beings to the Aliens too. I think lost or stuck energy are most likely ghosts. I do not think ghosts are Aliens. I think psychic ability is a sense we could all develop if we tried or practiced. I do not think that gift is always an Alien involvement. I think we tend to lump all things into one ball and it just does not work that way.

Since the universe seems to be infinite it is likely there are many different types of life forms out there making an assortment of Aliens who may visit this planet very possible.

Look at the different races on this planet. Can you imagine the amount of different species that may have developed out in the cosmos besides our human species I do not think it is possible to grasp what truly exists out there. I think that is why we need to clean up our approach to these subjects and start demanding a far more rational accepting attitude of the paranormal with the removal of the frauds and want to be fools who have destroyed our understanding of these things and allowed our governments to walk away while we turned it into a huge joke.

When it comes to UFOs and other life forms we are living in the Dark. This is dangerous as without question these are the subjects that will be a huge part of our tomorrows.

Yes- the Dark Ages is where we presently find our selves with the very subjects we desperately need to understand. Strangely we prefer the dark and dangerous approach rather then the curious and enlightened one when it comes to that in science we do not understand. Lets face it laugh all you want, other life forms in the universe are simply science we are yet to understand.

We may be too ignorant at this point in history to grasp the science, skill and technology to become an active part of the universe and other life forms but that does not mean the rest of the cosmos hasn’t advanced past us.

I think it is as obvious as a frying pan to the face that others visit us and we - well we laugh at it all while we try desperately to reach the planets in our own solar system. Heck we cannot even think past, much less get past, our own galaxy- much less travel through-out space.

It is sort of sad to realize that we cannot understand the science of space yet. However, we think we are so superior we can just laugh it all off as we remain small little simple critters who live in the Dark Ages concerning all of this- and we seem to like it that way.

Someday we may figure it all out. We may be able to understand what an Alien is and what it isn’t. We may even figure out how to stop killing each other or how to live without greed and hate destroying us over and over. For now I would settle for the small step of standing up to the fantasy destroyers so we could bring some seriousness to these serious subjects and not think every single thing that is paranormal is a big joke.

We also have to learn to understand sometimes a UFO is a UFO, a ghost is a ghost and an angel is an angel as well as a Alien is a Alien and not a angel or ghost! However as it stands we will never know as for most it is just one big joke. Figuring out the truth to these subjects just seems to be far too much for the human condition to handle.

All I can say is pay attention people these mysteries are going to become more and more prevalent and you may be the next to deal with a real paranormal event. I deeply hope someday for all our sakes we will all take this far more seriously. I do promise you this. If you find yourself face to face with an encounter of the unknown - I promise you most likely will NOT be laughing. Far better for you to have some knowledge or reference rather than a bunch of snappy insults at hand that you threw at others who could have helped you out during your own encounter. The Dark Ages- they never were a good idea.
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