UFOs? Mysterious Orange Orbs Brown Mountain Lights Haunt North Carolina

UFOs? Mysterious Orange Orbs Brown Mountain Lights Haunt North Carolina
February 27, 2012
by Kate James

Mysterious orange orbs called Brown Mountain Lights have confounded people in North Carolina for a century or more. The unusual lights appear periodically in the Blue Ridge foothills in Burke County, but so far nobody has been able to explain them. Are they UFOs? Could they be something else?

Half a century ago, Steve Woody witnessed the mysterious orange orbs while hunting with his father. He said, "I didn't feel anything spooky or look around for Martians or anything like that. It was just a unique situation. It's just as vivid now as when I was 12 years old." If these lights are some type of unidentified flying object, Woody does not seem to believe they are otherworldly. Perhaps they are man-made, but if so, nobody seems to know what they are.

The lights have been explained as reflections of lights off automobiles and trains, but people do not believe that this could be the reason for the Brown Mountain Lights from North Carolina. The timeframe of the orbs actually fits this explanation, but obviously people are not convinced.

Have you ever seen these orange orbs? If so, what do you think they could be? Are they UFOs? Do you think they are manmade lights? They are certainly interesting, and they have provided lots of room for speculation all these many years. Perhaps with the recent uptick in interest in the Brown Mountain Lights somebody will actually figure out what is causing them.
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