"UFOs and USOs" Are they on the increase?
"UFOs and USOs" Are they on the increase?
February 21, 2012
By Ian Brockwell

Most people are familiar with UFOs and their presence has been recorded (often unknowingly) for hundreds of years. A good example can be found on The Crucifixion " fresco which was painted in 1350 or on the spectacular painting The Baptism of Christ " by Aert De Gelder in 1710 (these and others can be found in the book The Unexplained Explored").

However, there have been an increasing number of sightings of USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) in recent years, many of which have taken place before or after volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The most recent alleged sighting of a UFO near a volcano happened on February 19 2012, which was captured on a live feed of the Sakurajima volcano eruption in Japan, but I have to say this looks more like a cloud than a UFO. There are of course reports that are more convincing than this.

Whilst it seems natural to look towards the sky for UFOs, it also makes sense to consider the sea as a possible location for alien craft. If aliens wanted to visit our planet and stay unnoticed, where better than at the bottom of some ocean?

Although humans have designed space vehicles that can travel throughout our solar system and beyond, we have explored very little of the oceans that make up around 70% of the Earth`s surface. Who can say what we might find at the deepest accessible locations of our own planet?

To perhaps support the need for further exploration was the discovery of an unusual object found recently (June 2011) at the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. The object forms a perfect circle and is approximately 60 meters in diameter. Not surprisingly, this discovery has caused quite a stir with UFO enthusiasts.

It also looks as if the object slid almost 300 meters before coming to rest in its present position, creating suggestions that maybe it is a UFO that crash landed.

Unfortunately, until someone takes a closer look at this object, we cannot tell how long it has been there or what it really is. But if it has been there a long time (more than a thousand years?), it might be fairly safe to say it does not come from this planet.

Sightings of UFOs/USOs certainly seem to be increasing, but that might be due to the technology we have nowadays. Sadly, this technology is also producing "hoax` sightings (CGI images), which make it difficult to spot the more genuine cases. Personally, I tend to have more trust in the old images, which were made long before Photoshop and the availability of a computer.
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