UFOs and worm hole news, More worm hole anomalies? whats next? (video on website)

UFOs and worm hole news, More worm hole anomalies? whats next?
December 28, 2009
Gregory Brewer

How many worm hole type anomalies does it take to fire up the imagination of curious enthusiasts?

One is the answer to that question.

What would you say to multiple occurrences? It seems these anomalies are occurring in many places around the globe. We have heard that they may be top secret experiments. If that is the truth then those who are conduction these experiments are not doing a very good job of keeping then secret. Are they naturally occurring due to the rapid changes in the Earths electromagnetic characteristics or could these possibly be a form of the real deal. Extraterrestrials openly traversing to this planet from a far away place?
There have been many theories and speculation as well as articles reflecting the opinions of creditable individuals such as David Wilcox who has much to say about these recently occurring phenomena. Some scientist claim these are related to missile sightings. If this is the case then someone may be using a new type of missile which still warrants some investigation due to the changes in behavior regarding missile launches because this is just not normal for characteristics of a missile. The Norway spiral has and continues to draw a lot of attention as you can see when you click here.
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