Vatican Prepares for ET: Can Religions Survive UFO Reality?

Vatican Prepares for ET: Can Religions Survive UFO Reality?
July 20, 2010
by Grant Lawrence

Father Funes, the Director of the Vatican Observatory, believes that the existence of Aliens would not be a contradiction with the Vatican faith.

This has created a bit of uproar among the faithful. But Funes says that if ET exists they are God’s creatures.

Michael Salla, Ph.D. reports:

…The Vatican’s new openness on extraterrestrial life is consistent with reports of secret discussions held at the United Nations that began in February 2008. The Vatican’s permanent representative to the UN, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, was reported to have attended along with a number of other prominent government officials to discuss increased UFO sightings and the implications of extraterrestrial visitation. Significantly, Migliore’s position requires that he maintains close relations with the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. At the time of the secret UN discussions, Migliore made a presentation on moral issues associated with scientific problems such as climate change. Most importantly, the UN discussions reportedly led to a new policy of openness being adopted by approximately 30 nations that would begin in 2009.…(source:

It seems to me the Vatican’s new openness to the possibility of ET and the Vatican sponsored Astrobiology Conference where extra-terrestrial life was discussed, is a beginning acknowledgment of the Alien reality.

The Catholic Church would obviously have deep connections within government and intelligence agencies. They also have their own observatories. The Church would certainly be aware of the overwhelming number of reports and data collected regarding UFOs around the world.

From a business perspective, it would seem just good sense to be prepared for the inevitable. At some point, the existence of an Alien UFO reality will become acknowledged by nearly all of the world’s population (with or without government disclosure).

The Vatican is right to prepare for such an understanding.

But such an understanding would certainly make for a drastic change in the way humanity views religion and spirituality. I am not sure if any traditional religion can be fully equipped to handle that shift in awareness.

Some, like traditional, fundamentalist sects of the various religions will portray, as they are doing now, the Aliens as demons. Others, like the more open minded religious sects, will work to incorporate the ET reality into their understanding without demonizing it.

Still I believe that an eventual understanding of the Alien reality will make for a transformation in understanding that few religions will be able to survive against. In short, humanity is already coming to a broader awareness of the universe and its life. Religion and spirituality has begun to transform from that understanding. The revolution in quantum physics and what that means for reality, the truth of humanity’s interconnectedness and familial relationship with all of the animals, plants, and life of the earth, plus rapid technological innovation will mean that present religious understanding will have to radically transform or face a type of evolutionary extinction.

The religions of Buddhism and Hinduism are in a better position to survive this transformation in human consciousness, since much of their understanding entails it. But no spirituality or religion will be immune from the consequences of this radical shift in consciousness that will soon arrive. Perhaps this expanded consciousness will ultimately be the Aliens’ gift to humanity.

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