Virginia Madsen was 'actively looking' for horror

Virginia Madsen was 'actively looking' for horror
Mar 30, 2009
Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Virginia Madsen is not afraid of the dark. In fact, she craves it.

The Oscar nominee and go-to actress for independent films says she was "actively looking" for a horror movie when she came upon "The Haunting in Connecticut."

The scare flick came in second this weekend with $23 million at the box office. "Haunting" is supposedly based on the true story of a family that moves into a former mortuary.

The one thing you can't deny, she says, is that "something enormous and frightening happened to this family."

Madsen herself says she's a true believer.

She explains: "As far as ghosts and the paranormal, something is happening to millions of people around the world, and you can't just write it all off as imagination."
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