Washington Believes in Sasquatch and UFO’s

Washington Believes in Sasquatch and UFO’s
June 5, 2011
Paranormal Utopia

The Pacific Northwest is rich with history and a lot of it comes from the Native Americans, but some of its mythology and folklore comes from modern day beliefs. The name Sasquatch was originally given to the creature many know as Bigfoot by the Native Americans that resided in the area for hundreds of years before the new American settlers came in and the first UFO sighting ever was reported in the area by a pilot that says he encountered an entire fleet of UFO crafts.

Now, a recent poll conducted by Pemco Insurance shows that not only do 38% of Washington residents believe in Bigfoot, but 13% of them say that they either have personally seen an unknown hominid (a nice way of saying Sasquatch or Bigfoot) or know someone who has. What was even more surprising, although it shouldn’t be at this point, when asked “Do you believe there have been sightings of UFOs — spacecraft — that truly cannot be identified by anyone?”, 55% of the respondents said yes, they do believe and 32% said they had seen one or know someone who has seen one.

This is something to consider. More than half of the people polled in Washington, believe in UFO’s and a third of them either have witnessed one themselves or know someone who has. That is a strong statement on something that some people still consider to be a sign of mental illness, sadly. The fact remains that while some people may be a bit more into the subject than others, an unbelievable number of Americans are joining the extraterrestrial UFO believers camp than not. That has to stand for something and of course those who believe in UFO’s will say it’s proof that they’re right.

So what about Sasquatch? The legends of the wild hairy man have lived in the area for hundreds of years and cryptozoologists have pointed out that surprising number of stories come from the area from a group of people that tend to painstakingly document their history and have no reason to falsify testimony of events. In 1950, a researcher by the name of C.P. Lyons wrote that a native woman had even been carried up to a rock cave by one of the beasts while picking berries and there she met other women who had been taken years before.

Ufology and Cryptozoology are considered to be a part of the paranormal, or things outside of the normal, but with numbers like this, it’s hard to believe that it’s not part of the norm this day in age.
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