What is Paranormal

What is Paranormal
September 28, 2010

I went to Dartmoor for a few days, it's full of ghost stories, legend and myth. it made me think, is everything scientifically explainable if you dig deep enough?

What is Paranormal?

Science is a growing topic rather than a static method of education. New facts, speculations, new ideas enter into our calculations, modifying our perception of our world.

An example of this could be the discovery of the bizarre nature of the rings of Saturn, made by the American space probe Voyager 11 in 1981. This, when discovered, caused a considerable revelation of establish thoughts in physics.

The structure of the rings seems to defy principles of physical laws.

These example shows that no 'laws' proposed by scientists should be regarded as true for all time. Ideas change when we encounter anomalous facts.

At every stage in the history of science, there have been facts that could not be explained in terms of the accepted scientific theories of the time.

These anomalies, outside, scientific thinking, knowledge and theory make up the paranormal. In the paranormal there is a host of immensely varied material. With all the unexplained varied material there is no reason to suppose that all these different events and anomalies have the same underlying cause.

The only thing they have in common, in fact, is that none of them are fully explained, or can be fully explained.

Faced with reports of paranormal events, weather it is Extra Sensory Perception, astrology or the Loch Ness Monster, the scientific community seems to divide into two areas.

On one hand, there are those who say, "OK. Lets give it a go" and digs deeper into the paranormal.

On the other hand, there are those who cannot believe that there may be evidence worth looking at.

Throughout the history of science, there have been many cases of very distinguished scientists saying that some things were impossible, but are today completely accepted. Their first perception was to disbelieve because it conflicted with the knowledge at that time.

In my opinion there is so much interest, programs, books, pictures etc. but no real evidence. All we ever see is a glimpse of something, an ambiguous photograph, second hand accounts and hoaxes.

I have never seen any evidence that cannot be explained away, or any events that make me think,

Maybe, just maybe?
UPDATE - 8 days ago
In the picture, it is asking what is around the bend?

The picture gives you some information. Is the information in the picture enough to enable you to work out what is around the bend.

The answer is negative, there is not enough information to know what is around the bend. So what do we do?

Do you think that because the picture is of a curving tunnel then around the bend it will be exactly the same?

Or do you think this is a passageway to something and that something is just around the bend?

For either answer there is not sufficient information so what do you do?

Do you guess?

If you do you can move foreward, it may be wrong but there is nothing else to do if you want to go foreward.

If you do not guess then you stay where you are now.
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