Why are ETs and UFOs in the Religion and Spirituality section?

Why are ETs and UFOs in the Religion and Spirituality section?
June 21, 2009
Sean Topping

or many people, the closest thing they have come to an alien or extraterrestrial is in movies such as Star Wars or Star Trek. There is a notion that going to a foreign planet will be something like going to a foreign country – things will be recognizable but quaintly ‘alien’. However, for a growing number of people, the idea of contact with beings from outer space is a spiritual experience.
Fundamentally, both involve belief. One may ask, “Do you believe in angels?” or “Do you believe in ETs?” Or perhaps “Do you believe in both?” Few believe in neither. Some authors have suggested that angels are a subset of ETs.
ET means simply non-terrestrial. At this point in our consciousness, we are expanding beyond the awareness of just our planet. We have movies about asteroids impacting Earth and alien invasions. They are popular because of the interest in space, not because they were particularly good movies. Seven of the top twenty grossing movies involve ETs – to the degree that movies are a representation of our collective consciousness.
Authors such as Lyssa Royal-Holt and Darryl Anka suggest that what is considered to be an extraterrestrial is a representation of the expansion of human consciousness. The ETs that they are in contact with have expressed that what we consider ‘normal, objective reality’ is but one of many different ways of looking at each of our perceptions of what we consider reality.
In the bestseller Blink, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that several people can evaluate the same situation and come up with different, but equally convincing versions of reality. Reality is a spectrum; the expansion of our reality results in contact with what are known as ETs. Because we consider this expanded reality the world of spirit – the ET realm is under spirituality.
Some people look at the photos from the Hubble Telescope and see evidence of God, others see the marvel of nature - but one thing that everyone agrees on is that the universe is unfathomably large and awe-inspiring.
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