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Roland Paranormal Investigations

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We are a small non-profit paranormal investigation team in Sacramento, CA. Our primary mission is to help people that believe they are having paranormal activity in their homes. We do not charge for i READ MORE

Sweetwater Paranormal Society

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Sweetwater Paranormal society! We are a small group of paranormal Investigators, located in Sweetwater Texas. Our goal is to see the truth (or as near as we can come to it) in whats happening in our c READ MORE


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We are a Paranormal Group from Longview, Texas. We try to find answers through research and scientific methods to the UNKNOWN world. We are completely free and willing to answer questions or investi READ MORE

Final Hour Paranormal

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We are a non-profit paranormal organization in San Antonio, Texas. We conduct our investigations in a very professional and orderly manner, respecting the owners of location and property. We use var READ MORE

Fly By Night Paranormal Investigations

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FBN Paranormal serves Southwest Iowa and Southeast Nebraska. Our team's goal is to help further the study of paranormal occurances. FBN hopes to collect evidence to support a growing understandi READ MORE

Texas Ghost Hunters

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Welcome to Dark Revelations! Ghost Hunters in Texas. Our main goal is to share, experience and capture paranormal activity on video, audio and photos. Although we are not so much in the scientific met READ MORE


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Can you please add our paranormal group to your site? We are located in Omaha Nebraska. Thanks!! Kerry READ MORE
Paranormal Investigation groups have sprung up all over the country in part due to the success of shows such as Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. Many groups of paranormal investigators have been active for years. Find paranormal investigation groups for every state here.
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