‘Paranormal Paparazzi’ is coming to the Travel Channel

‘Paranormal Paparazzi’ is coming to the Travel Channel
July 24m 2012
By: Kat Coffin

he news broke over Twitter via San Diego Comic Con about a new paranormal show coming to The Travel Channel, “Paranormal Paparazzi.” The new show is produced by Zak Bagans (“Ghost Adventures”) and hosted by Aaron Sagers (Paranormal Pop Culture web site) and will premiere on The Travel Channel September 28.

“It’s really a fast-paced entertainment news show where my team of hand-picked reporters travel the country tracking down bizarre and buzz-worthy stories of paranormal happenings,” said Aaron Sagers. “Like my website and my research about paranormal pop culture, these stories go beyond ghosts and include all elements of the paranormal. It’s a big, unexplained world out there and we’re traversing the nation to explore it. While the reporters will be in the field, and you’ll see them investigating the unexpected, it’s not an investigation show. In fact, this is a very fresh approach unlike anything out there. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun - we are seeking leads on new stories and uncovering news aspects to familiar stories.”

This is what Zak Bagans tweeted about the new show:

“....and also the full cast will be announced”

“full details of this new series will be issued soon via the Travel Channel...”

“on Sept 28th a brand-new series "Paranormal Paparazzi" that I serve as Exec Producer will premiere on Travel Channel hosted by @aaronsagers”

Aaron Sagers had a few more details in his tweets about the new show:

“since we’re at @Comic_Con #sdcc I mentioned our #ParanormalPaparazzi team pursues the San Diego Demonoid (sounds like a minor league team)”

“I announced at #sdcc my #ParanormalPaparazzi team hits places like zombie survival camp, apocalypse bunker, Will Ferrell’s haunted trailer”

“And we’re NOT just talking about ghosts, guys. #ParanormalPaparazzi tracks down lots of crazy stuff...& maybe we’ll talk to a few celebs too”

It sounds like it will be an interesting show for paranormal fans. Make sure to follow Zak Bagans and Aaron Sagers on Twitter for more updates before the premiere on September 28.
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