Q: What does the acronym "O.R.B.S." stand for?

A: Organization for paranormal Research and Bizarre phenomena Study.

Q: I don't live in Alabama. Can I still join the group?

A: Sure. We would like for out of state people to join and start other branches of our organization in their community.

Q: I have a ghost. Can you drive it away?

A: There are spirits that are trapped and they want us to help them cross over. This is an explanation for most hauntings, and while our purpose is simply to investigate, if a spirit came to us for help, we would certainly try.

Q: I have a demon. Can you drive it away?

A: No. An evil spirit is much too powerful and dangerous and the repercussions of interacting with such a creature are often disastrous. We will investigate in the safest possible way, but we will not attempt to contact it or interfere with it. We recommend consulting with demonologists or your church for help.

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