Paranormal Investigator Certification Course (CPI)

Paranormal Investigator Certification Course (CPI)
Doug Kelley

This is a serious and professional academic home study course written by Doug Kelley, the Founder of the SPIRITeam, and Co-Founder of ParaNexus. It was initially written to provide top-notch investigator training for members and is now available to the public (ParaNexus paid members get special pricing). It is not filled with fluff nor does it only contain info freely available online. It features fresh thinking and concepts that will not only educate, enrich, and balance you as a paranormal researcher, but will also enrich your life and relationships. After all, conducting paranormal investigations is all about endeavoring to establish and document relationships with spirits.

This is a course you can be proud of passing, for it is not as difficult as a bar exam, but it's no cakewalk either. It is a serious and scientific study of the paranormal field as it relates to spirits that includes an intensive 125 question final exam, an investigation, evidence review, and a final case report. The standards for passing are high, but it has been done by many! Why not add a CPI certificate to your skill set as well as enhanced credibility in the minds of your clients? Successful completion of this course is required for the ParaNexus Certified Member level.

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You have nothing to lose. Enroll in the course, study it thoroughly, absorb the information. If you don't believe it has enhanced your knowledge of paranormal investigating as well as given you new insight into yourself and others, then contact us within 30 days for a prompt refund (before you take the final exam).

"The ParaNexus certification process provided us an objective standard that assists the public in making informed decisions in choosing a qualified team; a team that displays professionalism in every aspect of the investigation. This certification program encouraged our investigators to strive toward excellence and is a way recognizing individuals who have met our rigorous standards, and made us a well oiled team." óJari Mikkola, Founder In the Shadows Paranormal Project, Denver, CO.

"The best paranormal investigation training course I've taken to date! Doug Kelley, founder of the SPIRITeam and author of this course deserves kudos from the entire paranormal community for taking the time to design this easy to use, inexpensive and interactive training course. Doug's humanistic, logical and sensible approach to teaching is easily understood by any level of student in the field. Whether you're just starting outóor are a veteranóanyone will benefit from taking this course." óDusty Smith, President & Founder of The Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc. Author of Dread and the Dead Filled the Dunnam House.

"Fantastic! At long last an e-course that makes sense! Many thanks :o)" óAS, UK

"I enjoyed everything about this course! Before taking the course, I knew very little and this course was exactly what I needed to help me in my goals. Doug has put together such a great and informative product here, and I am happy that I was introduced to him. I suggest that anyone who is interested in the Paranormal should take his course." óMichelle Manini, CO, USA


Learn what is involved in being a serious paranormal investigator!

Perform your own paranormal investigations!

The CPI Course is unlike any other course available!

"Love it or Your Money Back" 30 Day Guarantee! *

222 pages, 8.5x11, single spaced, 10 point font, 1/2 inch margins, perfect bound, laminated full color cover (professionally printed--not home printed. Both the Print and Digital Download versions are identical.)

Hard Copy Print Version AND Digital Download PDF Version Available! (Link will be emailed instantly after enrollment)

Glossary of Paranormal Terms with 200 entries

Online Multimedia Resource Library included with case study pictures, videos, audios, video tutorials, and software

7 video tutorials on how to use audio and photo editing software for analysis, as well as how to prepare evidence files for upload to a website, such as a team site

3 Month membership in ParaNexus (membership is extended for existing members who enroll)

Final online comprehensive exam with an actual investigation and evidence review

Includes Certificate, "CPI" designation, ID Badge, holder, lanyard, and laminated ID Card (emailed AND mailed to U.S. students; emailed in PDF Format to international students or mailed via Int'l Priority mail for $11)

ParaNexus membership upgrade to the "Certified Member" level

Endorsed by ParaNexus and accredited by the Life Leadership Institute (2.5 CEUs)

* Our Guarantee: You may request a refund within 30 days or up until you take the final exam, whichever comes first. No refunds are offered after you take the final exam.

"I have spent an unbelievable amount of money on books relating to ghosts, orbs, you name it. If it dealt with the paranormal, I had it. Your course is amazing in the fact that it covers every detail. When I read the chapter on photography, I was furious due to the fact I took a class on photography and spent hundreds of dollars on it, only to find I learned more in ten pages in the course than I did in weeks of class. I have even bought a course on the paranormal and it was nothing and I mean nothing like what I have found here. The added plus to your course is the fact it is written in a way you understand every chapter. Would I recommend this course? Absolutely, with out a doubt. Why spend more money on every new book you can find on the paranormal when you can find everything you need in one course. I also have to say this course is worth far more than what you are asking and I would pay it as I'm sure anyone who spent what I have on all the other texts and courses out there would. I can't say enough about it other than I wish it was out sooner and thank you for taking the time to write what everyone truly needs to know and have it all in one course. Thank you again!" óLinda Gunn, CrossLight Paranormal Research

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