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Wide bay paranormal society (WBPS)

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WBPS is a paranormal group that was started to help people dealing with paranormal events in their homes and businesses. Our group is one of many who investigate in a very Scientific and professional READ MORE

Butler Paranormal Research Society

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We are a small not for profit paranormal team in the greater Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania focused on researching and investigating claims of unexplained paranormal activity. READ MORE

Mind Power Lab

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Free resources on hypnosis and past life regression. Free hypnosis related downloads; e-course on hypnosis, find a patlife therapist in your area READ MORE

Dusk till Dawn Events

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Dusk Till Dawn Events organise ghost hunts and paranormal events across the UK – from Alton Towers to Woodchester Mansion, from Nottingham to Newcastle. READ MORE

Atlantic Coast Paranormal Research Society

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We are a Paranormal Research and Investigation group with 2 locations in Southern New Jersey and Southern Pennsylvania. Through colaboration with multiple groups we cover the entire east coast. We als READ MORE

Central Maine Supernatural

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Providing no-cost paranormal investigations to local residential and historical locations. We are here to help our neighbors find answers. READ MORE

River Cities Paranormal Society * NorCal

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River Cities Paranormal Society * Northern California is a group of highly intelligent and professional paranormal investigators who utilize scientific based skills and equipment to investigate parano READ MORE

Purple Sage Paranormal Society

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Purple Sage Paranormal Society (PSPS) exists to research and collect paranormal data and evidence. We also provide a service, free of charge, to those experiencing the paranormal and need help unders READ MORE

Unexplained Destiny

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A forum for people from all walks of life. To share their stories and discuss in a fun and friendly atmosphere various topics about the paranormal. To learn from each other and to help grow the parano READ MORE

Okanagan Paranormal

Votes:34 Comments:2
Paranormal minded individuals ranging through many topics such as ghosts, UFOs, technology, energies, cryptozoology, etc. Always looking for members. Serving the Okanagan area in British Columbia. READ MORE

A New Day Paranormal

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We are a paranormal research team located in Toledo, Ohio. READ MORE

The Supernatural Research Group

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The Supernatural Research Group is a paranormal research and investigation team located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to applying scientific principles to investigating and reportin READ MORE


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ParaNexus ParaNexus is a global professional association of dedicated and progressive parapsychologists, ufologists, and enthusiasts focused on researching and understanding the human condition t READ MORE

Glimpses of the beyond

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Glimpses of the beyond February 9, 2009 By GREG HARDESTY The Orange County Register LAGUNA WOODS The Bridge Club was meeting next door. The presentation in this room was a bit heavier. " READ MORE

Dark Revelations

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Dark Revelations a Community, for those interested in the paranormal, urban exploration, supernatural or anything strange or unusual. Create a profile, Instant messaging, Create your group, upload vid READ MORE

American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

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American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena What is the AA-EVP? The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP) is a nonprofit educational association that is dedicated READ MORE
Paranormal associations allow paranormal investigations groups and others interested in ghosts, cryptozoology, UFOs, and other psychic and paranormal subjects to network with and support one another.
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