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Just Energy Radio

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What are we made of? Why do we get sick? How can I live a more balanced and whole life? These are just a few of the questions explored each week by Naturopath and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise an READ MORE

School spirits

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School spirits May 30, 2010 By KATHI SCRIZZI DRISCOLL Cape Cod Times Adam Berry had what seemed like a ghostly encounter, with noises and visions, at his childhood home. Four years ago, the READ MORE

Ghost Sightings

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Watch Real Paranormal Activity at Ghost Sightings! Carefully selected archive of paranormal videos . Browse our pictures section. Listen to EVP's. Write your own paranormal blog(s). Chat with othe READ MORE

Science journalism faces media changes, emerging discoveries

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Science journalism faces media changes, emerging discoveries February 20, 2010 Steve Hammons American Chronicle (This article originally appeared on the Joint Recon Study Group site.) "Wei READ MORE

Paranormal Disenchantment

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Paranormal Disenchantment February 22, 2010 Gary Popella Ghost Theory s I was reading Javier’s articleon the questionable actions of Kevin Horkin, he raised the notion of the paranormal pu READ MORE

Cops Get Paranormal Help from Above and Beyond

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Cops Get Paranormal Help from Above and Beyond August 21, 2009 Salem-news.com (TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.) - It started as a routine traffic stop by two Detroit police officers, but seconds later, bu READ MORE

Virginia Madsen was 'actively looking' for horror

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Virginia Madsen was 'actively looking' for horror Mar 30, 2009 Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — Virginia Madsen is not afraid of the dark. In fact, she craves it. The Oscar nominee and READ MORE
Paranormal Media is becoming more and more popular, and new ghost and paranormal magazines, Ghost Hunting and paranormal investigation programs, psychic detectives, and paranormal radio programs appear every day. The Internet can help keep up with the latest paranormal media.
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