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Here you will find the most comprehensive list of paranormal sites on the internet. If you own a paranormal related website or blog, we welcome you to add it to this directory. READ MORE

Hometown Paranormal

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Hometown Paranormal is based out of Essex Vermont. Our continuing mission is to first help those affected by the paranormal and second to check out sites of interest. Cases are taken on a severity sca READ MORE

North East Paranormal Society

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We Are “North East Paranormal Society” We are a small team of Ghost Hunting/Paranormal Investigators who consist of :”Co-Founder/Lead Investigator & Tech Manager-Josh”, “Co-Founder/Lead Inve READ MORE

IOPIA Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska

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Alaska's oldest and largest established paranormal website and team! IOPIA covers all faucets of paranormal investigation in the state of Alaska. IOPIA originally started gathering UFO reports back i READ MORE

Night of the Beast

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Night of the Beast: A True Paranormal Investigation Non-Fiction March 13, 1977: Robert Dirscherl, respected business man and patriarch, is found bleeding from a shotgun wound in his chest. On his be READ MORE

Ghost Anomaly Research Project - G.A.R.P.

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Ghost Anomaly Research Project LLC investigates paranormal phenomena, with an emphasis on research and education. We’re devoted to the rational and scientific exploration and documentation of anomal READ MORE


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Paranormal research team investigates hauntings in the Ohio Valle area. READ MORE

Ghost Research Society

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The Ghost Research Society was founded back in 1977 and is still going strong after 30+ years. It's founder, Dale Kaczmarek, is an noted researcher, investigator and author of 5 books on the subject a READ MORE

Arizona's Haunted Ghosts and Hauntings

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Arizona's Haunted is a team dedicated to searching for the truth of the paranormal. We will actively investigate and fully research paranormal activity in your home or place of business. We also READ MORE

Paranormal Times - Paranormal Comics

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Paranormal Times is an online selection of comic strips following the Poultrygeist team, Boo & Whoo and other characters of the supernatural. READ MORE

Supernatural World

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Supernatural World is a social paranormal network hosting podcasts and live paranormal radio streams. READ MORE

Northern Lights Paranormal

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Founded in 2006, Alaska Paranormal Research is a resource for people seeking help or understanding their paranormal experiences. Investigators are available free of charge. APR attempts to document th READ MORE

The paranormal Society

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The oldest and still fastest growing online paranormal community, featuring extensive paranormal library, paranormal TV, extensive profile system, large very active forum and more. No other paranormal READ MORE

The Haunted Zone

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An active online paranormal community where users gather together to share their true paranormal experiences and receive help/guidance as requested from experienced members in our chat room. 24/7 Ghos READ MORE

Staten Island Paranormal Research

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We at Staten Island Paranormal Research do not believe any paranormal occurrence is the workings of a ghost. We systematically explore all possibilities and attempt to prove natural and scientific READ MORE

Paranormal Quest

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Our Mission: Offer the greatest and sincere assistance to our clients as possible, providing them with the most realistic and scientific based data that todays technology and know-how can achieve.Our READ MORE

The Paranormal Registry

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A watch list critiquing and keeping paranormal investigators honest, serving the paranormal community. READ MORE


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Scientific Cooperative for the Advancement of Paranormal Studies ...helping to discover the truth SciCAPS was founded by two team members of Paranormal Pulse. With the idea of creating a community of READ MORE

Paranormal Pulse

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Paranormal Pulse prides itself in its cooperative organizational structure, where all members have an equal say in how we do business! We're a scientifically based organization which uses a massive da READ MORE


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Do you think you have Paranormal activity in your house? If so rely on us we will not charge you for our services and every piece of evidence will be gone through piece by piece and if we find somethi READ MORE

Unexplained Mysteries - Ghosts

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Looking for real ghosts videos and pictures ? Here is a collection of popular ghost pictures and videos. You can also share your own pictures,videos and comments. Help to make our website better. Than READ MORE

The UFO Store - Aliens, Flying Saucers & Cattle Mutilations

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The UFO Store - Aliens, Flying Saucers & Cattle Mutilations World Wide Posts The UFO Store must be the biggest store on the internet - it has an incredible amount of UFO related items including READ MORE


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Our main goal at H.A.P.S is to help people find the answers to whether or not they are experiencing Paranormal Activity in their home or place of business.We are a public service and do not charge for READ MORE

Moon's Light Magic

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Moon's Light Magic has over 9,000 wiccan supplies, witchcraft supplies, occult supplies, paranormal, and gothic products. Browse our entire catalog. READ MORE

Paranormal Activity Group

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The Paranormal Activity Group was created in 2010 by a family who, combined have had numerous amounts of paranormal activity, hence the name. We wanted to document our experiences and invite others t READ MORE

Energy Shifters

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We are energy workers who clear homes, offices and land of ghosts, entities, thought forms and negative earth energy vortexes. We have helped hundreds of people release and clear the ghosts in there e READ MORE

Paranormal Arabia

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Explore the Unknown in the Arab World - Unexplained Phenomena READ MORE

A New Day Paranormal

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We are a paranormal research team located in Toledo, Ohio. We are a dedicated team, helping people understand what may be frightening them. We always use a scientific approach first, to possibly exp READ MORE

Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators

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Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators is based in Riverton Utah and serves the intermountain west. Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. At OMPI we use state of the READ MORE

Ghostly Knights Paranormal Society of New York

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Ghostly Knights Paranormal Society is located in Queens, New York. We are a group experienced paranormal investigators from all ethnic backgrounds and Religions dedicated to researching the paranormal READ MORE

Portland Paranormal

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Portland Paranormal Society. With over 3000 stories, paranormal puzzles, video and gallery. It's no wonder we are Portland's #1 investigation team. READ MORE

The Ghost Show

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Ghost Pictures, Videos, Info and More. READ MORE

Haunted Travels Experience

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Paranormal website featuring videos and special paranormal events. Connected to the Haunted Travels book series that links stories in the book to this website's Secret Room with extensive video, audio READ MORE

Support for the Haunted

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Support for the Haunted was created for those who are experiencing paranormal activity. It is a place for them to go to find someone to talk to, basic paranormal information, links and resources for READ MORE

The NESSS Message Boards

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We know you have a lot of options when it comes to paranormal message boards, but we hope you will find ours to be fun, informative and a little bit different than the rest. We’re hoping to create a READ MORE

Ocala Ghost Walks

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Ocala Ghost Walks introduce the realm of possibility to both the greatest enthusiasts and the most daring skeptics of the paranormal. Catherine your guide, has seen spirits and sensed them her who READ MORE

Northeast Forensic Paranormal Research

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Ms. De Marco is the first to employ forensic photography methods to paranormal research with astounding success. Our Mission is to provide assistance in determining if a location is haunted. We also p READ MORE

Northeast Forensic Paranormal Research

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Ms. De Marco is the first to employ forensic photography methods to paranormal research with astounding success. Our Mission is to provide assistance in determining if a location is haunted. We also p READ MORE

Invisible P.A.S.T. ~ Paranormal Tours

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Real Year Round Ghost Chasing Tours covering CT and New England. Grab Your Gear & Join Us! New Authentic, Wildly Active, Haunted Locations added monthly. From 4 hour events to all night Stay Awakes. O READ MORE

Portland Web site solicits paranormal travel tales

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Portland Web site solicits paranormal travel tales March 07, 2009 Terry Richard The Oregonian Sometimes travel can be downright spooky. When it happens to you, you're invited to share you READ MORE

Ghost to Coast.us

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Ghost to Coast.us Enter here for a wealth of additional information as well as the directory: articles, pictures, conferences, paranormal radio and tv listings, ghost news, and much more! READ MORE
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