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Renowned Neurologist & Paranormal Skeptic Addresses The Ghost Box z

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Renowned Neurologist & Paranormal Skeptic Addresses The Ghost Box May 15, 2012 Phillip Brunelle Technorati Ghost Box Paranormal News Article Phillip Brunelle Mass Most Haunted ATF Paranormal READ MORE

Respect the spirits, 'Ghost Hunters International' star Dustin Pari tells Waysid...

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Respect the spirits, 'Ghost Hunters International' star Dustin Pari tells Wayside Inn paranormal investigators November 7, 2011 by Linda O'Dell Ash nvdaily.com The spirits of Wayside Inn were READ MORE

The Macabre Squad

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Our group formed in May of 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas. We created this group to seek out the truth. You can never trust what you see on TV or the internet. The only way to truly know the truth is t READ MORE

Real paranormal sleuth on fakery in film, TV

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Real paranormal sleuth on fakery in film, TV April 27-May 3, 2011 BY SCOTT STIFFLER Downtown Express Like the morons who ignore a zoo’s warning sign not to tease the animals — then end up READ MORE

Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated

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EPIC - Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated is a legally registered non-profit organization based in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. We conduct paranormal investigations and re READ MORE

Extreme Visalia Paranormal

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Extreme Visalia Paranormal is a non for profit organization, researching the paranormal in California. We bring professionalism and confidentiality to each investigation. We understand that calling READ MORE

Paranormal P. Eyes

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Paranormal research group serving Central Georgia and East Tennessee founded by seasoned investigators with over 300 investigations under our belt. READ MORE

Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida

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Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida are Haunting Resolutionists. They determine what the issues are, and then make every effort to resolve them. They do this by bridging the gap between s READ MORE

Exclusive: deputy fired over UFO investigation

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Exclusive: deputy fired over UFO investigation March 2, 2011 Andy Koen Newsfirst 5 Chuck Zukowski has been a volunteer deputy with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office for eight years. He was READ MORE

Butler Paranormal Research Society

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We are a small paranormal team located in Northwestern Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh focused on investigating claims of unexplained paranormal activity. READ MORE

State Of Panic Paranormal Investigators

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State of Panic Paranormal Investigations are a independent professional team of 6 based in both Devon and Cornwall. We thoroughly investigate all types of paranormal activity or unexplained happenings READ MORE

3P Paranormal Investigations

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3P Paranormal investigates paranormal activity in the Western part of North Carolina. However, we are available to travel outside out location as well. 3P uses a scientific method during our investiga READ MORE

Heart of Texas Paranormal Research Society

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Heart of Texas Paranormal Research Society, located in Brownwood, Tx, is a group comprised of individuals who share an interest in the paranormal. This group was formed in order to gain understanding READ MORE

Ghost Hunters of Uncommon Leagues (G.H.O.U.L.)

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Ghost Hunters of Uncommon Leagues, G.H.O.U.L., is a paranormal research society that was founded for the purpose to help find answers to the questions that we may all have about the understanding of t READ MORE

Paranormal Careers

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Paranormal Careers January 3, 2011 Paranormal Utopia I remember my mother in law telling me how she had been trained as a keyhole punch operator sometime in the late 60′s and just a couple ye READ MORE

Carolina Paranormal Society

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Carolina Paranormal Society is a not-for-profit group whose purpose is to research and investigate evidence of paranormal phenomenon using practices and methods which are scientific in nature. Our goa READ MORE

Ghost hunting with Bangkok’s infamous Shock jocks

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Ghost hunting with Bangkok’s infamous Shock jocks December 2, 2010 By Oliver John CNN Nightmare-inducing stories of violent death and restless spirits. In place of jingles -- canned blood-c READ MORE

Ghost Explorers

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Ghost Explorers specializes in assisting the home or business owner experiencing what they feel are paranormal occurrences, in determining what is happening in their location. Our service is free READ MORE

Exorcist, The Paranormal Ghost Terminators

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We are paranormal investigators who are real exorcist specialists. Experienced in exorcisms, ghost banishment, and house cleansing. People and paranormal groups call us for paranormal phenomena elimin READ MORE

Texas Ghost Hunters

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Welcome to Dark Revelations! We are a Texas based ghost hunting group who are enthusiastic about everything paranormal, and share an interest in reporting stories of ghostly activity, ghost photos, gh READ MORE

Vancouver paranormal investigator Don Meuchel offers tips for ghost-hunting seas...

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Vancouver paranormal investigator Don Meuchel offers tips for ghost-hunting season October 28, 2010 Eric Njus OregonLive If you're looking for something spooky this Halloween, who ya gonna ca READ MORE

EPIC - Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated

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A non-profit organization that offers paranormal investigations at no charge. Based out of Auburn, Massachusetts. READ MORE

MoSo Ghost Hunters

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The MoSo Ghost Hunters is a science-based paranormal research group based at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri. We investigate paranormal activity in SW Missouri, SE Kansas, and N READ MORE

Overmind Paranormal

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Paranormal group in Russell County Ky.Serving surrounding counties. READ MORE

Southern Paranormal Investigations

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Southern Paranormal Investigations is a science-based, paranormal research team located in the Houston, TX area. We conduct professional investigations of private residences, businesses, and historic READ MORE

Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Is Ouija an invitation for evil or spooky fun?

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Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Is Ouija an invitation for evil or spooky fun? March 10, 2010 Mike Conley The McDowell News Most people know what a Ouija board is and they probably have used READ MORE


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FindersCreepers is a Oklahoma based non profit group that specializes in Paranormal Research and Haunting Investigations. We are dedicated to helping others to learn about and cope with a ghost, haunt READ MORE

East Coast Paranormal Investigative Company

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Our Company is centrally located on the east coast of the United States in Newport News, Virginia. We provide paranormal investigative and research services to the eastern United States and wherever e READ MORE

`Ghost Hunters' Use Old Ninja Tricks

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`Ghost Hunters' Use Old Ninja Tricks June 3, 2010 FlashNews SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When professional ghost hunters are feeling weary, they take a cue from ninjas. READ MORE
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When professi...


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Home of SPOOKS (a paranormal field investigative unit based out of Springfield,MO). Team leader S.M. Belekurov (Shaun B.) is a paranormal profiler (with a specialty in cases of high strangeness)and au READ MORE

Paranormal Research Alliance

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The Paranormal Research Alliance is a team of dedicated volunteers in Cullman, Alabama, dedicated to research, investigations of reported paranormal incidents. There is no charge for our service. READ MORE

The National Paranormal Society

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The National Paranormal Society was started in 2009 for the purpose of researching the paranormal and to prove the existence by finding some of the most haunted places and finding evidence of the para READ MORE

Plateua Paranormal Reasearch & Investigations

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This is a new group and plan on starting Jan 2010. READ MORE

Ghost Hunters Say Voice Led Them To Bones

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Ghost Hunters Say Voice Led Them To Bones November 11, 2009 WTOV9 WELLSBURG, W.Va. -- A historic Brooke County, W. Va., mansion is at the center of a police and paranormal investigation after s READ MORE

Seven Hills Paranormal Society

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"Advocating a scientific approach to exploring the unexplained..." SHPS is an investigative group dedicated to the research of anomalous experience through scientific means. Our purpose is to provide READ MORE

Paranormal divers plan summer of ghost-hunting in Bay area waters

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Paranormal divers plan summer of ghost-hunting in Bay area waters May 24, 2009 By GAYLE GUYARDO Examiner.com TAMPA - Those who die at sea might never leave the water — body or soul. And if t READ MORE

Dark Revelations

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Dark Revelations a Community, for those interested in the paranormal, urban exploration, supernatural or anything strange or unusual. Create a profile, Instant messaging, Create your group, upload vid READ MORE
Paranormal investigation is a serious attempt to apply scientific methods to the study of paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, poltergeist activity, psychic phenomena, cryptozoology, and every aspect of the unkown.
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